1. I do not own the Squats, Warhammer 40k, warpath, Forge fathers, or any of the art shown in this codex. All rights belong to their respectful owners. EXO-ARMOR: Due to the adverse conditions in the mines of the homeworlds, the Squats developed a type of armor similar to the imperium’s Tactical. 40K Squats Codex Pdf 7,6/10 votes. Codex Warhammer 4. Wikipedia. Example early 3rd edition Codex Imperial Guard Each codex had its.

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But among the latter group, there is one who is particularly old. For decades now, players have lamented the loss of 40K red-headed stepchild — the Squats.

Bull Centaurs are so big and massive that they even tower over Ogryns though being equally coex challenged and matched by Space Marine Centurions.

best 40k Squats / dwarfs images on Pinterest | Dwarf, Dwarfism and Squat

The whole Squat is equipt with Jump Packs. Under the guidance of Hashut, whom they chose over any other of the four major Chaos Gods, the Chaos Squats made many terrifying weapons of war and abominable creatures to sow suffering among those who would stand in their way. Especially the greater ones of Nurgle. This is also the same with those Squats that have become Adeptus Ministorum members in the League of Norgyr.

Armies also included sqquats in exo-armour supported with bikes and trikes. Taking the newly developed Pulse Bomb Generator fro the Tau Sunshark, the Demiurg stripped the system down and stabilised it enough to fire magnetically contained Ionic Charges, allowing them to lob Ionised death over the highest of walls. May not be taken together. Whether joined together by the bonds of Clan and Home, by Munitorum conscription or by the machinations of the Father of Darkness, Hashut, Squat Warriors are the shield that guards the strongholds from all threats, and the most commonly seen Squat infantry unit.

Ministorum Priests are the members of the Ecclesiarchy, the massive and powerful organization that oversees the state religion of the Imperium of Man that is worship of The Emperor of Mankind. On a roll of 4 or more, the vehicle ignores that result, but still loses a Hull Point squwts normal.

Most of the Slug weapons involve simply loading a different round into a regular Shot Weapon, making it very easy to swap between the different ammunition types during a campaign. And facing the prospect of exhaustion was something that was simply not acceptable in the Squat’s many wars with the Orks, Hrud, and other foes.


Sqats battle begins, Gandr will turn into a psychic storm. Survivors 40, the Dark Age — Suats high tech cultures have their armor saves increased by 1. On a misfire it simply sqiats surface.

While Gravitic technology is used through the Squat holds for a variety of purposes, none cldex more comfortable with its many forms than the spacebound Demiurg.

If a Bull Centaur can get ahold of a target with both ‘hands’, they are designed to retract apart from each other, savagely dismembering the victim.

Squat (Warhammer 40,000)

This is due to the fact that most of these petty complaints are contained underneath the surface of the planet, deep within the sprawling mess of caverns and tunnels that make up Squat holds. When war comes to the Squat Strongholds, the Living Ancestors may be called to fight squxts the Brotherhoods and the Guilds. Brokk constructed many insane vehicles and pieces of technology. While all Squats have knowledge of the technology from the Dark Age of Technology, innovate and see that wisdom is important in life, it is Kapellar that always xodex constantly forwards in creating newer and more advanced machines.

Those struck by such deadly weapons, if they survive the initial blast, will suffer from radiation sickness as sqyats particles emitted by the wquats are released into surrounding flesh. Despite the success of the Kappelar Tesla technology, only certain individuals coddx other Leagues are interested in these as the rest of Squat-dom are still unsure of this technology the other one are patenting rights being extremely obstructive, thus so far League Kappelar will be the sole user of this technology for a very long time.

Most refugees will spent their whole lives in a Hold with little or no rights compared to one that actually is part of a League. The Tremorbane Driller is one of a 40j of a vehicle. Squats were discontinued from the game in the s by Games Workshop though their existence remains canon.

Regardless, the bearded ones took the STC and created a unique tank variant around it. This page was last modified on 29 Juneat If so then his weapons are replaced with a bolter and a power axe.

Codex – Squats – 1d4chan

Let’s see ’em try to bring those war-engines over this without the entire thing collapsing. The nursery they had been found and described by shaken warriors as “a charnel house”. Points Cost – Time and time again he could be found on the front rank of whichever battlefield he had been deployed to, enemy charges breaking against him as he stood unyielding forward with hammer and cannon turning his foes into mulch.


Tales are still told of times where Exo-warriors fought through unending hordes of Greenskins or the battle of the caverns of Gorodruk where a massive number of Exo-Warriors clashed with similarly massive numbers of Meganobz. Because their girth and stubby legs, Squats may only move 5″. Although the vast majority of the Squat race joined the Imperium, a few Squats remained separated from the council and carried on independently.

As the only senior member of the Bugginson family, Joseph swore that he would exact vengeance for this and to rebuild his family. Squat Berserkers are known for their insane and single-minded approach to combat, complete and coodex disregard for personal safety and overall wanting to slay their enemies in the most spectacularly brutal way imaginable.

Like Tactical Dreadnought Armor, the Squat Exo-suits corex made to handle extremely dangerous conditions, such as the heavy radiation of plasma generators, exploring space hulks or unknown caverns alongside Squat squays, and other jobs that would involve being awash with heat, radiation, or enemy fire.

Some of the squad members wield even more specialized weapons like heavy chainaxes or macro hammers, some even wielding power fists, whereas their Ratling companions attach to the turrets even deadlier guns to better support the squad.

The Squats have their own religion in place of the Imperium-prescribed religion: Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet. 40kk being more expensive and time consuming to make than regular ammunition, and having a lower reliability in wounding their opponents, the payoff is well worth it to the League of Thor as the solid slug rounds are not only longer ranged, but also have a much increased chance of penetrating armour and a well placed shot sauats even pierce straight through an enemy’s vital organs.

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What do you have? As above, but with no retinue.

Smash through their lines!