Abir Chatterjee and Sourav Das in Badshahi Angti () Paran Banerjee in Badshahi Angti () Abir Chatterjee and Sourav Das in Badshahi Angti () . Badshahi Angti () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Badshahi Angti () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

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After reaching the dharamshala, Feluda and Topshe travel to Har-ki-Pauri. Dhiru Kaka offers to keep the ring with basshahi. Bonobihari tells them that he recorded what they had talked last night. It was then released in book form in by Ananda Publishers.

This was going to be a reboot to previous Feluda film series after Royal Bengal Rahashya. After angtl to the dharamshala, they find Bonobihari talking with another Bengali man, Bilash Babu, who was an astrologer. He think that it may be the Emperor’s Ring Badshahi Angti. Ganesh tells that he has left Bonobihari’s badshabi and will return to Kolkata. Srivastav from the day one. Their whole story is revealed by Feluda and it is also proved that Bonobihari babu is the culprit and also the murderer of Pyarilaal Nagti.

Retrieved from ” https: This novel was first serialized in Sandesh magazine in the year — The film received mostly positive reviews from critics. Ganesh was the one who threw warnings to Feluda and he was the one who threw stones at them at the Residency.


Badshahi Angti (novel) – Wikipedia

Mahavir believes that there is a foul play is behind his father’s death. But one day the ring goes missing from there. Srivastav tells that robberies do not happen much in his neighborhood due to the presence of Bonobihari Sarkar, who owns a private menagerie with various poisonous animals. Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy Satyajit Ray ‘s Feluda. When questioned, Feluda says it is nothing but phosphorus.

They go to coffee shop. Views Read Edit View history. Dhiru Kaka rushes to the cupboard where he kept the ring but he finds that there is no ring. While going to the Residency, Feluda informs Sarkar about “the spy” which was spoken by Pyarelal. They also meet Ganesh Guha.

This is the first Feluda novel created by Satyajit Ray. Here, when Feluda lights his cigar near the banks of Ganga, Topse gets a glance of a shining object in Feluda’s matchbox.

Badshahi Angti ()

Later that night he asks Feluda about it when Feluda agrees that it was the ring. Feluda throws the tin of toothpowder, which contained black nagti powder. Dhiru Kaka introduces him as Mahavir Seth, the badshah of Pyarelal. In Decemberdirector Sandip Ray revealed, the sequel to this film will be based on Gangtokey Gondogoland another sequel will be Nayan Rahasya if he finds an actor who is suitable for Jatayu ‘s role.


What happened was this – Bonobihari wanted to take the ring.

He believes that the dacoit must have come to rob a precious ring given to him by Pyarelal Seth, because he had saved the life of his only son.

Shooting begun from early Badshahi Angti by Satyajit Ray. Srivastav is not the thief.

Feluda tells that it never happened. But Topshe wakes up Feluda and prevents them from becoming unconscious. Films directed by Sandip Ray. Before going to HaridwarFeluda goes back to the Bhoolbhulaia.

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Next morning, they reach Haridwar. The times of India. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the Residency, someone tries to attack Feluda and Mr.

For the upcoming film based on this novel, see Badshahi Angti anghi. He says that on the day of his father’s death, his bearer tells that he had shouted very loudly. Sanyal agrees and keeps the ring at his home. Feluda shoots the snake dead, but Topshe becomes unconscious. Topshe regains consciousness and sees that Feluda is wearing the emperor Aurangzeb’s ring.