David Clarkson, in Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven, does this very thing pinpointing thirteen kinds of “soul idolatry,” showing that “soul idolatry” is just. 24 Apr an old worthy Puritan named David Clarkson whose three volume set of But Clarkson is quick to remind believers of the soul idolatry that. David Clarkson Richard Baxter commended David Clarkson for “solid judgment, healing moderate principles, Soul Idolatry Excludes Men out of Heaven.

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For esteem is an act of soul worship. Open, outward idolatrywhen men, out of a religious respect, bow to, or prostrate themselves before anything besides the ravid God. And what act of worship is there which the Lord more requires than this soul-dependence upon Him alone?

God is thrust down—the creatures and your lusts advanced into the place of God—and that honor which is due only to Him, you give unto idols. To have an high opinion—of ourselves—of our abilities and accomplishments—of our relations and enjoyments—of our riches and honors—or those that are rich and honorable—or anything of like nature, when we have low opinions of God, is to advance these things davkd the place of God—to make them idols and give them that honor and worship idolaatry is due only to the divine Majesty.

That which we most intend we make our god; davkd to be most intended is an act of worship due only to the true God; for he being the chief good must be the last end. When this worship is communicated to other things, whatever they are, we thereby make them idols, and commit idolatry.


To ascribe that, which comes from God unto the creatures, is to set them idolattry the place of God and so to worship them. When we are fully resolved for other things—for our lusts, pleasures, outward advantages—and but faintly resolved for God, His ways, honor, service—this is soul idolatry.

Notify me of new posts via email. That which we most aim at, we make our God. To rejoice more in our wisdom, strength, riches, than in the Lord—is idolatr idolize them. That which we most desire—we worship as our God. What we are most resolved for, we worship as God.

David Clarkson Quotes (Author of Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven)

Secret and soul idolatrywhen the mind is set on anything more than God; when anything is more valued than God, more desired than God, more sought than God, more loved than God. That which we make our hope we worship as God; for hope is an act of worship.

We cannot serve God and mammon—God and our vavid also—because this service of ourselves and of the world, takes up that care, that industry, those endeavors, which the Lord must have of necessity, if we will serve Him as God. Therefore, it is idolatry to trust in ourselves—to rely upon our own wisdom, judgments, abilities, accomplishments.

Externalwhich consists in acts and gestures of the body. Now the Lord demands the highest esteem, as an act of honor and worship due only to Himself. Thanks for the whole thing and the tip on the dacid.


Soul Idolatry ~ David Clarkson – Sermon Index

Email required Address never made public. He is to be loved transcendently, absolutely, and for Himself. To trust in friends though many and mighty—He fixes a curse upon this as being a departing from—a renouncing of God—an advancing of that we trust into the room of God Psalm God is so amazing in how He leads us right to what we need at every turn.

And when our time and endeavors are laid out for clarkon world and our lusts, we serve them as the Lord ought to be served—and so make them our gods. For love is an act of soul-worship. These are the three great idols of worldly men, to which they prostrate their souls! That which we most highly value we make our God.

Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven

For to be most intended is an act of worship due only to the true Clsrkson. And the worship and service due unto Him alone is hereby idolatrously given to other things! When our care and industry is more for other things than for God. Soul idolatry will exclude men out of heaven as well as open idolatry. We worship that for which we are most thankful. No man can serve two masters.