High Rhulain has ratings and reviews. N A said: One of the more generic Redwall books. The characters were even less developed than normal; I t. The otters of Green Isle have long been enslaved to the Wildcat Riggu Felis. They work and wait for the day their savior will arrive?the prophesized High. A page for describing Characters: Redwall High Rhulain. Tiria Wildlough Authority Equals Asskicking: She’s the chosen queen of a distant land. She’s also .

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All the various dialects that the author adds to the book is astounding. When young Brian refused to falsely say that he had copied the story, he was caned rhuoain “a liar”.

Afterwards, the Otterclans and the hares continue to win a great victory. We are introducted to characters like Pithru who are evil just because. It’s simply another formulaic Redwall adventure. Nov 13, Kelsey Hanson rhulajn it liked it Shelves: Its kind of getting ihgh, but there hihh still some interesting things about it.

I would think that a caring otter father would be difficult to leave behind. They work and wait for the day dhulain savior will arrive? This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat You do not have to be a child to enjoy these books–just a child at heart and I hope that I never lose the ability to be that!

The riddles, the song, and the good time adventure was all still there, but I guess I was hoping for something really new or different to shake things up. The book is an enjoyable read, and the few plot holes it had should be overlooked since most children would not even notice such things. In my opinion this is the best book in the Redwall trilogy.

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But I guess that’s the most realistic part of the whole book. And then transitions to the redwall abbey with Tiria who is supposed to be the main protagonist but doesn’t do a lot and rhulxin don’t grow a bond to her like rhulaln did with the characters in previous novels.

A stop is made at the mountain home of the badgers and hares where she is given armor fit for a warrior queen and also the help of 30 veterans of the Long Patrol. Hereditary monarchies are one of the most absurd forms of government because they give one family the power to rule regardless of its members’ abilities.

High Rhulain

Read the book to find out! Redwall by Brian Jacques. Riggu Felis has not idly observed the otter offensive, however.

Works by Brian Jacques. There are a few minor plot holes as I mentioned prior which likewise can be forgiven. A stop is made at the mountain Another rip roaring tale of adventure from Brian Jacques and the denizens of Mossflower Country, is the heart of this book.

Redwall High Rhulain / Characters – TV Tropes

We know we’re witnessing new legends being formed whenever a Redwall warrior visits Salamandastron, and Tiria’s tenure with Lord Mandoral is a watershed moment of High Rhulain. Other than these things which I am perhaps being too picky aboutI enjoyed this book just as much as all the other later Redwall books.


Their legend ryulain reborn anew, and thus begins my tale. Tribsy made a visible effort to finish the tribute. Meanwhile, back at Redwall Abbey, the young Lycian the mouse is Mother Abbess, with another of the primary protagonists, Tiria the young otter, daughter of the Skipper of otters, introduced, being skilled with a sling. The wildcats took a stranglehold on Green Isle, forcing the otters into slavery, where they continue to be oppressed to this day under the loathsome tyranny of Riggu Felis, a warrior cat without conscience.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Little by little, Tiria and the others realize rhulaim she must go to Green Isle on a quest to save the otters from the rule of Riggu Felis and the wildcats.

Jan 04, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: The food rhulai not fail to disappoint, leaving me hungry after each chapter! Martin the Warrior and High Queen Rhulain Wildlough appeared to her in a dream, saying the otters of Green Isle needed her assistance and leadership. High Rhulain and sought to seek the place and eventaully learn of her role: We’m be a missin’ ‘im furrever.

I still think back with fond memories on many of Jacques’s books, and I think if I were to read them again I might rediscover why I loved this series so much. The setting is consisted of two places: