Sign Up. Welcome to ! Please choose one of the following. players with a last name starting with “a”. 1. Aagaard, Mikkel (CGY), C. 2. Standard Hockey Draft. This is our most popular hockey pool format – a fully.

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Question Can I print out a “printer-friendly” version of my customized box pool. Answer We offer a free 7 day trial which starts on the first day of the regular season or playoffs. In addition, the pool admin now has the ability to display announcements on the main standings and stats page. We also have live, real-time stats that are updated every minutes!

Both features are used to keep pools close and would somewhat conflict with each other. Basically, every pick can have one or more date ranges associated with it. If you wish to use the previous username that you selected, first log into the admin panel of that original account and change the username so that it is available.

In most cases, you want to keep the points of the dropped player and start accumulating points of the new player going forward. This helps people stay in it even if they suffer a major injury early in the season. So if you want to assign goalie shootout wins and goalie overtime wins, enter a value for both categories. Question How customizable is HockeyDraft. Roster moves can be made at any time by participants.

The date range associated with a pick is the date range in which a pick is creditted with points. The deadline for weekly moves is Friday at Question I have a goalie who shared the goaltending duties with his teammate and together they got a shutout but neither goalie was awarded points for the shutout.


Answer The regular season and playoffs require two separate registrations. Can we start accumulating points from today onward? You can add this special pick via the “add a new player to this roster” link. You can also offset points if needed.

Boxes Regular Season Box Pool Sheet You can use our default boxes made up of the top players and goalies in the NHL You can use our pre-designed boxes as a template and edit it as you wish Create your own boxes from scratch using our wizard No limit on the number of boxes or players per box Assign different point systems to different boxes Ability to have a box for teams, not just players Entries Set any entry deadline you wish Ability to show or hide people’s entries as they are submitted prior to the deadline No limit on the number of entries Ability to restrict entries to 1 per email address Ability to allow or disallow online submission of entries Stats Live, real-time stats Tracking for almost every stat category including shootouts Both player and team stats Support for fractional points example: How do I use your default boxes?

Then create a point system, call it ‘display’ for example, and then put a value of 0 beside the stat categories you’d like to display.

For example, everyone may draft 12 hockeydraftca but only the top 10 will count. You can have the traded players’ points completely swapped or you can keep the points of the traded away player and start receiving points from the new player from the trade date onward. Question What is the Top N rule?

You will likely need to first click the [expand] link near the top to see this option. All of the stat categories including the other ones are updated nightly.

NHL Hockey Players :: Fantasy Hockey Pool

What should I do? In the case of a signing, you would just need to add a pick. First, click the “add a new player to this roster” and select the start date of new player. You’ll need to create a new account with the correct format.


He is found under the last name “Bonus” and the first name “Team”. As the NHL, shootout goals are not included as regular goals. Answer Categories like “Goals”, “Assists” and “Wins” can be seen as ‘base’ categories. Please see the FAQ answer pertaining to transactions support. Team Bonus – In addition to the manual player offset feature, you can add a special pick named “Team Bonus”.

The Blog – Unfiltered Commentary, News, Opinion select players from boxes of similarly grouped players. Question I’m in a keeper league, how do I reload last season’s data. The second format we offer is a box selection pool. Similarly, to add a pick, you would click “add a new player to this roster” and choose the start date you want that pick to start accumulating points.

Answer Last year’s player stats are still loaded into the system but we will reset it to 0 prior to the start of the new season. Question We started our pool late. Using offsets for pools with the Top N rule – For pools that use the Top N, you may want to transfer the dropped player’s points to the new player.

Standard Hockey Draft

Answer No, a new pool account must be hockeydraft.cca for the playoffs. Will the default box sheet be updated? If you have a box or two already created, you will need to delete them so that your pool has a clean slate before loading the default boxes.