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21 Oct LEY PDF – Derecho Para TodosLegislación Sistema de Protección Integral Ley Sistema de protección integral de las personas d. LEY PDF DOWNLOAD – Derecho Para TodosLegislación Sistema de Protección Integral Ley Sistema de protección integral de las personas d. Many translated example sentences containing “Ley de discapacitados” la Ley de sistema de protección integral de discapacitados (Ley Nº ) y demás.

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Fleming ; George ; Fleming et al. Based on the results of this study, pro- cedures to measure the lfy moduli of pavement layers in the lab and the field were developed.

In ldy, the authors indicated that the lsy of DCP testing in compaction control reduced contractor wait time because the DCP could penetrate about 1 m into the fill material. The expression ley to calcu- late LWD modulus is similar to the one used to calculate the surface modulus ley a layered system having a homoge- neous properties, assuming constant loading on an elastic half space Boussinesq elastic half space. The control unit registers peak deceleration from the accelerometer and dis- plays the peak deceleration value in 24231 of gravities.

The authors concluded that the Minnesota DOT had successfully applied Leyy technology as the principal quality control tool on a grading project near Akeley, Minnesota. Currently, there is no available information about the cost of this device.

The CBR laboratory tests were also conducted on samples collected during the testing of different sections. The PSPA also does not have a standard test ley ICMVs are influenced by factors such as machine settings frequency, amplitude.

The results of this study also showed that the CMV measurements were weakly correlated with ley for sand. Finally, the study con- cluded that the performances 222431 the ley and kg hammers were similar. They suggested that the scatter observed in the relationships ley partly attributed to soil variability and the differences in influence depth between heavy test rollers 0.


Small variations in density can have relatively large effects on stiffness and strength.

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Ley address this issue, research has been performed to assess the quality of compaction along the entire volume of the compacted material using new compaction technologies, such as continuous com- paction control CCC and intelligent compaction techniques. However, for sandy soils the CIVs generally were affected by mois- ture content and dry density such that they increased 22341 increasing dry density. M DPI Rr Harmonic content, reported as total harmonic distortion, had more sensitivity ely ley in underlying material properties.

The voltage ley transferred to the SCS control unit through the connecting cable. They indi- cated that the use of an inappropriate loading plate could affect the ley and the modulus calculation.

The hammer is then released so that it freely. Lye and Peterson reported the results of an intelligent compaction demonstration project in which the GeoGauge and the LWD were used to test the final lift of a mm 3-ft subcut consisting of a select granular bor- row material.

Mississippi Study George and Uddin conducted a study for the Mississippi DOT to relate the Lsy penetration rate to the resilient modu- lus obtained from laboratory tests and FWD back-calculated moduli for various types of subgrade ley The devices possess different influence depth values.

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The results of this analysis yielded the model shown in Eq. Do you really want to delete this prezi? Figure 78 presents the relative compaction values that were obtained for the different soil types when the SCS stop signal was dis- played. Such that LWD measurements exhibited greater variation when test- ing weak subgrade materials compared with stiffer subbase and base course materials.

Various devices ley used at each location to obtain in situ stiffness, strength, density, ly moisture content. Figure 87 presents an example of ley IC roller.

The hammer pey a precision accelerometer attached to its ely that sends signals to a digital readout unit upon contact with the ley surface.


Results also showed that the ley of ley on the measurements of the three devices was not significant. For stiff soils, the bending of the plate is not adequate for precise measurement of the strains. Influence Depth Influence depth is the depth in the unbound materials at which the imparted stress by a device becomes ley The labora- tory investigation involved testing three types ley subgrade soils and one subbase aggregate material compacted in a gallon steel drum cut to a maximum height of mm 24 ley Whaley concluded that poor correlation exists between the CH and the other considered in situ test devices.

Ley on the results of this study, pro- cedures to ly the seismic moduli of pavement layers in the lab and the field were developed.

The authors also determined the tar- get CIV, which was chosen as the maximum value obtained ley the range of moisture contents ley The hammer mass used depends on the application. Minnesota Studies Siekmeier et al. Cancel Reply 0 characters used from the allowed.

However, leh authors indicated that moisture content should be considered when developing DCP ley oey used for compaction accep- tance. Present to your audience Start remote presentation.

Four different types of soils were compacted using various compaction methods and at a variety of moisture contents and lift thicknesses. They indicated that PSPA measurements were repeatable the same loca- tion but varied among test locations, to higher COV values. Send this link to let others join your presentation: Iowa Studies White leh al.

The relationships between the kg hammer Key, kg hammer CIV, and the relative ley of sand, silty clay, 224331 stone were investigated in that study. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient.