This report is based on the study about effects of SEDP-I on the quality of education in Musoma Municipal Council, Tanzania. SEDP-I was established for the. 15 Oct Secondary Education Development Program of the Government of Tanzania. ( ). SEDP II. Secondary Education Development. EDUCATION SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME. Secondary Education Development Plan. (SEDP). – FINAL DOCUMENT. Dar es Salaam.

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This has been indicated in the data obtained from the heads of the schools.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology – Secondary Education Development Programme (SEDP)

The original inhabitants of Kinondoni were the Zaramo and Ndengerekobut due to urbanization the district has become multi-ethnic. Different reasons or causes mentioned being causes of dropouts include pregnancy, absenteeism, dismissal for violating school rules and regulations, truancy and few left because they could not afford the expenses such as fare, school fees, books stationeries and uniforms.

Who come in morning and who comes in the afternoon? Government tanzanua in Tanzania include not only those which are built and run by government but also those which are built by the community and then operated and managed by government. This study wants to access the contribution of the SEDP to education, quantity, quality, and accessibility of Education in Tanzania particularly in Kinondoni district.

Documents & Reports

The interviewer had a list of questions to ask the interviewee and the interviewee had to answer the questions. Do you have a laboratory for science practice?

What kind of school is your school? He said people were bound to doubt if their contributions had been used well if they fail to give information on how the money had been spent. In order to make sure that those who qualify to enter secondary schools, they get the chances to join secondary schools; the SEDP had to be launched to help the situation. Without the expansion in access stipulated in SEDP, the transition from primary to public secondary schools would drop dramatically.


A case study was carried out on respondents with the aim of evaluating the availability of school facilities among secondary schools in Musoma Municipal Council between toassessing the trend of academic performance of secondary school students in the CSEE between toexamining the correlation between SEDP- I and the academic performance of secondary school students, and examining the contributing factors with regard to the trend of academic performance of secondary school students.

For instance there were only06 teachers at Mtakuja secondary schools when the school start: Involvement of teachers or the stakeholders of the SEDP project was not efficient.

Field research Data The findings show that the number of students who leave schools early was increasing at a decreasing rate.

This method help to get data concerning population, administrative setup of the district, different plans set by the council to improve the situation and theories in which the solution will be based on. Finally, teachers should not be the fountain of knowledge to their students rather; they should be acting as facilitators of the learning process sexp knowledge acquisition. Be free to share your views for this purpose.

The Guardian of 1st October He added: Where do you get money to buy books? The GER declined from a peak of 96 per cent in to an estimated This is just in case the children are not enrolled in government schools or their parents or guardians prefer private schools, where fees are generally a lot higher.


Lowassa also urged residents of Dar es Salaam tanzanix contribute towards education projects as they do for wedding ceremonies contributions. On the average, a student can complete the Bachelor’s degree in three years, although some majors require more time.

The Guardian of 1st October It also coincides with frantic efforts by parents and guardians to register their children for entrance examinations at an array of private secondary schools in aedp parts of the country. At Twiga Secondary school there was which increased to Table 4.

This means the tqnzania can never be achieved if the laboratories are not there. The Musoma Resolution sought to make primary education compulsory, universal and terminal. Upgrading existing schools infrastructure The objective of this component is to increase the number of secondary schools meetingminimum infrastructure requirements, moving them toward becoming fully functionalper SEDP II. If the answer to question 16 is no, say why ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… A random survey by Pastor Nguvu shows that some of the schools are busy advertising themselves in a bid to attract students to enroll beginning January next year.

If the answer to question 15 is bwhich subject teachers are not zedp a Science teachers b Art teachers c Mathematics teachers d Language teachers Administratively, Kinondoni District is divided into four divisions, 27 different wards, and sub-wards. The objectives of using this method were to collect information about unknown facts and get opportunity to observe things within the schools.