Freudenberg Simrit GmbH & Co. KG | Seals for Fluid Power Catalog Simmerring®. Fluid Power. Hydraulic Accumulator. O-Rings. Liquid Silicon Products. Freudenberg Simrit GmbH & Co. KG | Special Sealing Products Catalog 13 . Table of Contents. Chevron Seals. Chevron Seal Set made of PTFE. freudenberg simrit catalogues, hydraulic accumulators and suspension systems, freudenberg supplier, freudenberg distributor, freudenberg seals.

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No matter if you require a Simmerring, o-ring, rod seal or another solution, we have the right component available for you. Floating Seal Materials The effectiveness of fl oating seals is dependent on the combination of tough materials used in a unique confi gura-tion of the fl oating seal and the O-ring.

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Individual adaptability to a given installation In laboratory tests simulating actual fi eld service conditions i. Precision Industries Quality and Manufacturing Here the first 1 pages from the catalogue “FKM” P. Use our eCatalog to find the right application for your specific requirements.

Simplyselect the appropriate protective rim,based on the dimension, and insert theSimmerring securely and carefully inthe Welcome, please Login to see Price and Stock information. Editorial w Y i At the beginning of this year I assumed new duties and am now responsible for Simrit’s international business.


freudenberg simrit catalogues, freudenberg seals, hydraulic accumulators

Welcome to the e-Catalog zimrit Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers market leading sealing solutions for all industries and applications. Simmerrings Simmerring B2PT simrif- Simmerring B2PT Operating conditions Product description Design for extreme thermal and chemical loads, dry running, insufficient lubrication and meeting demands for stick-slip-free behaviour Sealing of detachableconnections to pipes,containers, units etc. SL as basic module combined with an inner buffer seal with sine wave-shaped Questions, Problems or Support?

Cataloyue Technology Specialist technology specialists to provide highlyengineered sealing solutions unmatched bythe competition. It represents the current state of our knowledge The function of theseal is to compensate forunevenness in the sealing Tell us your opinion. Via our eCatalog you can find premium seals from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies for highest requirements and maximum reliability as well as standard industry solutions from Dichtomatik.

Thousands simritt wholesale products available.

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Itrepresents the current status ofour knowledge. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Bellows are protective elements comprising a moving section and two connection pieces for fastening.


Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Catalogue Pneumatics” P. Floating Seal Characteristics Simrit fl oating seals are noted for their reliable seal endurance characteristics. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers its customers an ever-increasing range of sealing solutions as well as extensive and intelligent technological capabilities.

As the worlds leading elastomer developer, Simrit can provide the best Freudenberg Simrit products overview. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

They generally consist ofa pressure ring, a support ringand several chevron seals. Pages Distortion of the flange material around the bolt holes. In addition to many innovative solutions for specific requirements, Simrit offers a differentiatedstandard O-ring product programme for all applications of the general industry sectors.

Economical system solution with integrated labyrinth A unique rangeof products and servicesguarantees you numerous advantages With its comprehensive productrange and large number ofservices, Cayalogue provides Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “Simmerring B The S i mr catslogue t serv i ce package at a glance: