25 Nov Marriage Sermon SERIES by Stephen Bohr. Marriage Sermon SERIES. (by Stephen Bohr). Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. 18 Mar Hebrew Feasts Sermon SERIES. (by Stephen Bohr). Set ye up a standard in the land,. blow the trumpet among the nations. Jeremiah #1. Please join the Secrets Unsealed staff as we pray for Pastor Stephen Bohr and his entire family, as they lay their father Harold Bohr to rest today. Pastor Harold.

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As I esrmons these passages in the writings of Paul I have to ask myself: Notice verses 13 through Does God have two separable trees? Let me ask you, Who was it that came from Isaac? The next point that I would like to make is that the redeemed from every nation, kindred, tongue, and people will sing only one song.

So let me synthesize it. So how many cities does God have? Now our next point is that there is only going to be one banquet table in the kingdom for Jews and Gentiles. In other words this is a genuine Israelite in whom is no deceit. Only those who have received Jesus are technically sons and daughters of God. So it says once again, And I say to you that many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven: And let me explain very briefly why there had to be twelve.


And, by the way, in another gospel He speaks about them being scattered among the nations, because they refused to be gathered to the Lord. Do you remember the encounter that Jesus had with Nathaniel, who became one of His disciples; one of the twelve apostles? But your in a very large and fast filling boat that is NOT the right boat.

In other words, for you to be Israel, you have srmons have a relationship with Jesus Christ. They were gathered there. The woman, who is called Babylon the harlot, is symbolic. Notice 1 Corinthians Let me ask you, Is it possible to be the seed of Abraham literally, and not be a child, or a son or a daughter of God? Her fornication is symbolic. This fact is made crystal clear by Simon the Pharisee himself when he said: Would anyone dare say that Dorcas did not serve in ministry in and to the church?

Now the question is, who is this solitary Seed who brings many seeds into the world? Babylon is a worldwide, global, spiritual zermons.

The woman that brought forth the male child represents the Old Testament church from where Jesus was seemons. You hate Me, so how can you say that My Father is Your Father, and that Abraham is your father, because your spirit is totally opposite?

For where two or three are what? You see, what is all Israel, according to the preceding context? In other words, these are the seeds of the Seed, of the original seed that died and sermlns up.


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Those who promote WO take a soft stance on sin. Speaking about the same city, it says: God is speaking to the serpent, to the Devil. Is that Old and New Testament, by the way? Were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob faithful?

The first people of God are the literal Jews, in other borh literal Israel. And you say, Why do you bring this to view? Jesus did say some politically incorrect things.

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The lecture today, and the next lecture are very closely linked. Yes, he’s another one that says there is good Spiritual Formation and bad Spiritual Formation. Obedience by women towards men is a remnant of religious teaching. Jesus says, I was not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, He says several times in the gospels. Was the place the key part here? Here Jesus is speaking to a group of literal Jews.

I want you to notice how the story is told in John 1: